Oldtimer’s owners enjoy their “machine”, by driving them and listening the smooth sound of “everything cruises fine”.

Main of the owners enjoy technical practice also...for sure this is another part of their pleasure when excellent working conditions are met.

For repair or service, 80% of the maintenance of a car (or a motorcycle) doesn’t require an official dealer garage...but just an extensive workshop’s manual and several good tools within a suitable workshop.


We offer you to put all those tools at your disposal.


“Bring your workshop’s manual, rent our tooling and saves your money for cruising instead of spending it at the dealer's garage”




  • More than 25 m2 working area.


  • Large workbench with large static vise.


  • Dual columns Car Lifter 2.5 To with adjustable arms.


  • Pneumatic Compressor with All basic accessories.


  • Pneumatic impact bolter with standard "impact" sockets.


  • Large Oil drain collector tank.


  • Large set of standard hand tools Metric.


  • Crane 1 To, jack and static drill.


  • Changing room with sink and individual toilet


  • WIFI internet access





2 weeks notice for booking.

Copy of car's registration card is mandatory for booking.


Full equipped Workshop:

Half day rent 60 € / Full day rent 100 €.

(Limited to only one vehicle per half day)



500 € returned once the state of workshop and tooling has been ascertained and is found to be satisfactory.  


Optional services:

"Waste and recycling" 15€.

Segregate your waste into our recycling bin, oil, cans, filters, brakes pad, metal, paper etc.

Preventing you to go back home with dirty parts and waste into your vehicle.

"supplementary toolsets":  Brake service set 50€ / Suspension service set 50€ (Please ask availability before booking).


The proper usage and the cleanliness of the tools will be monitored and recorded by webcam.

Any negligent spoilage will be charged on the deposit.


"Caution: We decline any damage at the vehicle or/and injuries at

persons. You work at your own risk. Be careful and wise "





Pas de tarif trouvé pour ce bien ou ces dates (2021-09-25 - 2021-10-25)






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